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·About 233
Q1:Wanna know more about 233 Playground? (MetaApp's Deck)


Q2:Could you explain to me in detail what is 233?

We are a game platform but unlike the traditional ones only provide app for download.Our sanbox technology could simulate an Android environment to run every apk inside our app like Windows BlueStacks.

Q3:What types of games are you usually looking for?

We actually accept all kinds of games, especially sandbox, shooting, simulator games which are quite popular on our platform.

Q4:How many user base do you have?

For our Chinese platform is 10 million DAU and 40 million MAU.

Q5:Should we remove our games on Google Play?

Google Play is not available in China, as a result, there exist lots of Android channels in China, we are one of them and we would only distribute your games on our Channel. We won't affect your status with Google Play and App store.

Q6:What promo will we get in your store?

We mainly use our own recommendation algorithmto label your games and match with the right players. So we try not to affect the system.We could arrange front page position for your games if they have good retention and avg. plattime.

Q7:What languages should games support?

Better be all Simplified Chinese. You could also send us the localisation file or the language pack for us to optimize it. Or send us the in-game text to trasnlate for you to build the Chinese version.

·Business Terms
Q1:What is your procedure? (Collaboration Steps)


Q2:Would you help publish our games on all the channels in China?

At the first phase, we would put your games on our own Chinese platform 233 playground first. If it has good performace on our platform then we would consider distribute it on other platforms or authorize other publishers to publish the game in China.

Q3:What is the share settlement of the deal?

We could give you 100% of the share settlement within the testing period. But if your games already have good performance overall then we may need to remove the testing period.

Q4:Minimum payment amount

If the sharing amount we need to give to you is less than 500 USD in the month,the sharing amount will be accumulated and postponed to the next month. You could claim payment from us when it exceeds 500 USD in order to save thetransfer fee.

Q5:Could you help me get ISBN in China?

1.ISBN needs 3-6 months to apply for. Type 3-> 3months, Type 4 -> 6 months 2.ISBN is only for games have IAP. 3.We would consider help you get ISBN if the performance is great. Before that we hope to work based on ad monetization first.

Q6:How about MG(minimum guarantee) or LF (license fee)?

Unlike publishers, we are platform, we couldn't offer you MG or LF.

Q7:What currency could you pay to us?

We could pay US dollars and RMB, based on live exchange rate. We have overseas entity and Chinese entity could sign with you at your convenience.

Q8:What business type could we do?

As a platform, we would distribute your games on it and do exclusivity or non-exclusivity (co-publishing) in China.

Q9:When will you pay the money to us?

We will send you an invoice to your email on the 20th regarding previous month’s share settlement. After your confirmation, the payment would be transferred to your bank account before the 10th of the month after next.

·Technical Requirements
Q1:I need to know more about your technical requirment.(Material Checklist)


Q2:What format do you need for uploading our games?

For the APK, need you to build the typical apk bundle that supports 32-bit ABI with .dll inside. It's the same as the requirement by Google Play. For the SDK, please keep your ad monetization SDK with ad unit inside.

Q3:Is Unity Analytics / GameAnalytics working well in China?

Feel free to keep them inside your game if the Chinese government doesn’t ban the service then it should work.

Q1:What is the performance of your platform (Mainland China, Android)?

Ads Impression per DAU: 2-4 times. eCPM: $5-7. Daily ARPU: $0.03-0.11. Daily impression per game is 500,000-1 million.

Q2:Good performance benchmark in your platform?

icon CTR> 3%, Click to Play CVR>50%, avg. playtime>10mins, D1 retention rate>20%

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